Full Sail Assignment 1_ Sports Sales and Sponsorships.


Business Analysis and ROI

Common Sense Makes Money; Money Doesn’t Make Common Sense


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(*For ethical reasons I am not naming names or locations but it’s a real time story which is validated by photos)

This discussion post couldn’t have come at a better time. I would love to hear or read some wise words from you. But this discussion post is a real time one .

Thus far this summer I have come across a professional futbol team in a remote and beautiful place (note; I have spent the last 8 summers there). At any rate they have just been promoted to the second division within their countries professional league. But they have zero web presence, very little social media presence and doesn’t know about the new brave world that exist outside of this remarkable island. They have a major threat of not selling tickets in a historic stadium that is owned by the island, which owns the team. In other words FIBA, the governing body of futbol, would not be impressed.


In regards to our required question I know their pitfalls and where the holes lie within their structure and what they need. As I am a friend of the president of the club, I lent a helping hand based on what we are currently learning. So here goes;

Based on what you have read before (no web presence and/or social media structure), it seems, as one would most likely agree that this is a gold mine covered with hundreds of years of traditional volcanic ash. So I put together a structure submitted as a keynote presentation and pdf, as a student-marketing expert to help them bring in the main currency in sports- money!


The problem identified was branding via the social media as well as a blend with respected traditional media to avoid anyone thinking there was a threat of occupation or invaders. Basically I have set up their complete social presence, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr scheduled via Hootsuite. The website is still under construction but should be completed weeks before training camp.

Hootsuite was created to suit their convenience to post updates about the clubs developments, youth progress within the club and most of all selling tickets within their historic stadium.

Because the island is a major tourist destination, with a little over 2 million visitors each summer season, there was also a plan to implement social media traffic for those who get off the plane. We all know that the first thing anyone does when they come to paradise is “checking in” via social media sites. They want to show the world that they are there as well as share with those who are curious. Instant promotion while utilizing instant gratification methods at its finest.

But the point is, because I brokered a deal with the islands major Internet and phone network (Vodafone). We made sure that the tourist gets information on the club. The information displayed the team, the promotion of the team, and merchandise. This is World Cup season and futbol is bigger than ever. So why not make the local team jersey for sale as a souvenir or a rarity of support. This island has only 50K inhabitants and there are 2 million tourists. We don’t have to do much adding and subtracting to recognize the revenue stream potential right? At the end of the day as so-called marketing experts, it’s a common sense deal. Merchandise is the number one finance provider for any sports organization anywhere.  This is all done via the wireless networks, which would be a classic case of a mutually beneficial situation.


The team would garner revenue based on the teams jerseys sold to tourist that could be put into the team as a revenue stream. More money buys better players and creates employment opportunities for a better structure especially a social media department. Mind you the economy is at a world historic worst within the E.U. let alone the world.

The other holes within the rubber tire (wheels) that the marketing department would have to facilitate would be secure with one simple method. It would be utilizing the social media utilities to bring in revenue with the natural resources that persist on this amazing island. Common sense makes money; money doesn’t make common sense right?

By the way this is only the ice that is falling on the tip of the iceberg. I could go on and on but I am afraid Mr. Walker would deduct points for my long discussion. Wink!

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The NHL and Wireless Networks

As part of this assignment week 3, I would like to introduce the example of a NHL team and a new wireless network to their arena.. The primary goal of upgrading technology is to sell and with new technology the main focus is to sell. Below the idea is to sell the comforts within the new technology implemented within the team and their home arena- Season tickets. This means the marketing team of any organization has to work harder to sell tickets. The most logical way would be to sell a package that is not only approved but also mutually beneficial to everyone. In this case it would be the wireless network (Telekom) and lets say the Arizona Ducks.

The Arizona Ducks have just completed a new deal with Telekom Wireless service as part of their naming rights deal with their arena. Their marketing plan to stay within the realm of already established teams through out the NHL is listed below. This wireless service could be offered to the season tickets holders as a package deal if they purchase season tickets with a discount off their standard phone bill.

Once the fans enter the arena their phone carriers will automatically log into the Telekom Wireless arena. The season ticket holders can have at least a 10% discount off their monthly bill.

Everyone that enters the arena are automatically checking in via the LBS system which will give them an extra comfort level prior to browsing their social media sites. They will have the option to turn off the LBS check in to suit their convenience of privacy.

Tickets with priority seats can be sold via the Telekom network at the discount rate listed above but there is also the convenience of trading tickets with friends and family members as gifts or fan engagement rewards. This could be done via text messages and confirmation of the text. The team (Arizona Ducks), will have the benefit of the statistics or analytics of attendance as well as options to sell more tickets from the gift trading between fans.

The ticket check in is also an option that already available throughout the league but to expand more the Network can implement QR codes on the seats for ordering beverages and soft drinks throughout the games. Sure there could be arguments versus traditions of attending or watching games however this is 2014 and the advancement of technology has become a necessity.

The promotions of available season tickets can be texted to fans throughout the offseason in regards to discount rates. The apps of the team that is available on the network will give the season ticket holders priority information about the team. Naturally news spread and the fans through discussions before or after the games will unintentionally work for the team to sell tickets. Everyone likes to be apart of excitement and winning teams.



Wireless Network Design

Hello Everyone,

My choice is Location Based Services (LBS). Because of the social media boom, and with the mobility of the “third largest country in the world- Facebook!”- its imperative to have this at any establishment. A sports stadium is the most ideal place because just as the video lesson demonstrated, people’s attention span is extremely short these days so they like to use their smart phone to facilitate that time. When they are using their smart phones, the first thing they do is, scorch their Facebook and check in. The LBS allows them to not only check in and display they are at the games but also check in with whoever is tracking them.  We are all aware of the “Lets see if they are lying thing”; (example: “well he said he was going to the game but I guess he is there look at the facebook!)

The irony is it also gives away their position. I wonder what happened to the days of keeping ticket stubs to show that you were at events or sporting events. By taking a passive route, it is showing off that one was at such events. I wonder what is there to talk about after the event to friends or family that wasn’t there.

The other benefit with LBS is the locations of seating’s and the rewards that are given to those that do check in at the stadium or from afar. It may sound strange but you could be on the other side of Siberia and check in at a stadium in Seattle. This is where the social proof and benefits of LBS is mutually rewarding. Imagine if there was a legal wrangle and a criminal gave his phone to someone else to check in at a LA Dodgers game and he was committing a crime in NY. Hey he checked in right and there is his alibi. Or even better, what if you were trying to impress someone and checked in at Morton’s Restaurant rooftop in Manhattan but sitting on a porch in Mississippi drinking rotten tea. I am sure it happens but this is where the analytical part of LBS helps. People can look at the analytics (if they choose), and dictate the truth. The teams or stadium officials can also do the same by the same methods prior to issuing our at the stadium awards and online awards to fans.

Other than the proposed awards from the stadium of the teams that are suppose to get.  (The lesson did mention that rarely does fans actually receive rewards). It is beneficial for the fans to reserve their seats by checking in while they are at home or defining the distance to the stadium. It also helps staff at the stadium when predicting fans that are coming to the games prior to opening the gate, especially if its not a sell out.

Maybe that is a little to forensic for this post but those are the facts. There is a method behind the social media and digital madness that we all partake in. I personally think the biggest social proof is displaying photos at events at sports stadiums or wherever and then exercise the LBS using the GPS (at where) symbol. Otherwise why not just take the photo or keep the ticket stub and do the traditional thing and tell a remarkable story about your adventure. But that is me, I embrace both.



“What wireless technology has had the greatest impact on today’s society and why?”

“What wireless technology has had the greatest impact on todays society”

Without question Wifi, has had the greatest impact because it has been the most depended on source of wireless technology within the last decade. It seems senseless these days not to have access in our homes, cars, restaurants, airplanes, buses. In this brave new world arguably or inarguably could be a new source of entertainment. There new ways to create and work better with efficiency in our work place. It has basically eliminated the power chord when it comes to printing papers from desk tops to the in office fax machine. Personally you can order a pizza from your phone using a Wi-Fi in an establishment and if you reside in Berlin you can order your food from a waitress in a high-end restaurant, talk about human detachment. The major question is can you imagine a world without it. One of the first things that people ask these days when they check into a hotel is the wifi password and unfortunately if you stay over at someone’s house it has to be a necessity. The list could go on and on. The impact on everyone’s life or society is; without it we are basically a disorganized society.

Our new edition to the Bofi Clothing Family- “Last Days”

cool photo (2013_05_17 11_39_26 UTC)

Celebrating the launch in Berlin, Germany.

The label has to have a professional and experience infrastructure in promoting and releasing material from the clothing line. Some label partners have to have notable brand names that is in demand for retail but only a limited amount of stock is reaching America or the Southeastern United States as it’s being sold as an export. With Bofi cutting the export position out of the market and offering the label partners catalog a fair ppd (public price to dealer) return.